Serious Felony Defense

Expert Criminal Defense

For over 30 years Chris has defended those in the most difficult situations of their lives. His passion for and mastery of criminal defense have made him one of the most highly regarded criminal defense attorneys in the country.

Chris is like no other: His meticulous investigation and analysis of the facts, his legal reasoning, his creativity, his guts, and his ability to build cases that persuade juries to do the right thing, set him apart.

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Criminal Defense

Most criminal defense firms cast a very wide net, attempting to bring in every possible case from murder to drunk driving. In contrast, Chris has a low volume practice specializing in serious felony.

Criminal Appeals

Chris is an expert in constitutional law as it relates to criminal defense. This expertise, combined with his experience at the Supreme Court makes him an obvious choice for appeals.

Civil Rights

Chris is a graduate of the invitation only Impact Fund Class Action Training Institute. He has maintained an ongoing class action, civil rights lawsuit of national importance against Contra Costa County since 2012.


  • Mistrial in four-month long gang murder case, leading to negotiated sentence of 6 years, where client faced life without the possibility of parole. 2019

  • San Jose Mercury News: Two Bay Area men take plea deals in freeway shooting that killed mother of four. Read more >

  • Acquittal at jury trial on nine counts of solicitation to commit murder in two months long trial – 2017

  • Suspect acquitted by Contra Costa jury of soliciting murders, convicted of fraud. Read more >

  • Diversion for client charged with possession of narcotics for sale and transportation – 2017

  • Dismissal of gang murder case on speedy trial grounds – 2016

  • Negotiated 3-year sentence in gang conspiracy to commit murder case where client faced life sentence – 2016

  • Reversal of Federal District Court by Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in class action lawsuit of national importance against Contra Costa County Public Defender.

  • Contra Costa Public Defender sued over right to an attorney at arraignment. Read more >

  • Dismissal of gang murder based upon coerced confession – 2015