About Chris Martin

Chris has always been an exceptionally successful criminal defense attorney. He started out by winning his first five jury trials in a row against seasoned prosecutors. The Chief Deputy Public Defender called him a “rising star,” and a judge said he was a “gem.” In his second year of practice, he won two rape jury trials, a burglary jury trial, and two homicide jury trials.

“I recall the quality of Christopher’s thought processes and work product while he was a deputy public defender very well, and he was a shining star in a business too often overly populated by black holes. He was titanically bright, exceedingly charming, feverishly hard-working, and loyal in friendship.” (Michael Kennedy, Partner at Kennedy and Roe, and recognized by the California Public Defenders Association as California’s preeminent authority on California criminal motion practice.)

It has been the same ever since:The California Supreme Court hired Chris as the founding member of Capital Central Staff. He was selected for this prestigious position because the Supreme Court recognized his ability as a defense lawyer as well as his outstanding legal analysis and writing skills. At the Supreme Court, Chris advised all 7 justices on death penalty matters.

Chris is currently recognized by the National Trial Lawyers as one of the top 100 criminal trial lawyers in California.

His drive is probably the result of a parochial school upbringing, a decorated WWII hero father, a social worker mother, and a labor organizer grandfather, who personally knew and stood up to Henry Ford in the 1930s. Chris has always had a great deal to live up to and much to prove. In this regard, after a bystander watched Chris argue a successful motion to dismiss a bank robbery case on entrapment grounds – a robbery which was perpetrated in front of 20 FBI agents – he wrote to his lawyer, demanding: “Fight for me like your colleague, Chris Martin. Now that dude has fight in him like a pit bull!”

Chris is like no other: His meticulous investigation and analysis of the facts, his legal reasoning, his creativity, his guts, and his ability to build cases that persuade juries to do the right thing, set him apart. While he is known for believing in his clients and fighting the meaningful battles with scorched-earth intensity – his soft spoken demeanor, thoroughness, unconventional strategies, and willingness to listen have gained him great respect, trust, and admiration by jurors, judges, prosecutors and colleagues alike – not to mention his clients.