How to Pick a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense attorneys are highly trained professionals, like doctors. However, unlike doctors, your legal bills are unlikely to be paid by insurance. This is a huge distinction because it [...]

How this Works

Nobody looks for a criminal defense attorney unless they are in trouble. Since you are in trouble, my initial advice is: Do not talk to ANYONE about your case, ESPECIALLY THE POLICE OR THE [...]

Jury Nullification

The concept of jury nullification goes back to the Gospel of John, where the Pharisees brought a woman charged with adultery before Jesus Christ. Adultery was punishable by stoning under the law, [...]

Discovering the Break in Your Case

Dishonest witnesses are, unfortunately, common in the criminal courts. The Innocence Project has made it clear through DNA that many innocent people have been convicted, sentenced, and even [...]

Public Defenders Rock When They Roll!

There is no greater calling than defending the poor! Being a Deputy Public Defender is like being a priest. There is no greater calling than defending the poor! Contrary to popular perception, [...]