Dishonest witnesses are, unfortunately, common in the criminal courts. The Innocence Project has made it clear through DNA that many innocent people have been convicted, sentenced, and even executed. Exposing the truth, therefore, is both essential and difficult. That’s why Chris Martin goes to incredible lengths to examine every witness, statement, piece of evidence, and legal argument to find any flaws.

Unlike any other lawyer, he has:

  • Gotten an opinion from the Court of Appeal permitting examination of the Marin County Sheriff under oath – leading to his admission that, for years, his office had secretly assigned attorneys to jail interview rooms that were bugged.
  • Gotten a CHP officer to admit on the stand that he forged an affidavit in support of a search warrant.
  • Used his own Leica laser surveying equipment to create a completely accurate and photorealistic computer re-enactment of an entire city block and the events leading up to a stabbing to show that his client acted in self-defense.
  • Brought into court every interior door from an entire house to demonstrate that they ALL were kicked in – not just the ONE the DA had paraded before the jury as bogus proof of forced entry into the alleged victim’s room.
  • Commissioned an artist to paint a hypothetical scene illustrating mental defenses as well as the irrationality of the state’s case.
  • Lofted a remote controlled camera with helium-filled weather balloons over a busy San Francisco intersection to take critical aerial photographs.

You get the picture. He’s driven, he’s creative, and he’ll expose any problem in your case to give you the break justice demands.